New Designers 2014.

So, long time since I’ve posted on this blog, many things have changed since i last posted. No longer am I a student at Cardiff Metropolitan University, am I now a Graduate, leaving there with a very happy 2:1 in my degree. I am thoroughly thrilled that I have finished my full 3 years there, not because I didn’t like the lecturers or because I thought it was rubbish, but i feel like i needed to move on to the next chapter in my life. I crave to live somewhere other than where I do, and I want an exciting new job where I feel that i can put my creative input into new products.

Now, onto the actual blog post. Just yesterday I came back from exhibiting my work at New Designers with 11 other people from Cardiff Metropolitan. It was fantastic. I love London so much, the tube, the city the food, everything! I have never wanted so much to live there and become a Londoner, but obviously without  a job this isnt possible. But with the challenges of New Designers, many positives did come from it and i am definitely glad that I went.Our University will not fund Cardiff Metropolitan Textiles, so this was entierly self-funded by ourselves and I am actually more glad that we did, it felt more rewarding and it definetly gave me practice for future exhibitions.

Anyway, New Designers this year ran from the 25th – 28th June in the Business Design Centre in Islington. A fantastic building, it features 3 floors of beautiful well, New Designers work from all creative based degrees from around the United Kingdom. Our stand T63 was based on the top floor, on a balcony, which in hindsight was probably the better option for out stand because we had to much diversity within our work, the squares space we were given definitely worked to our advantage much better than other stands there did, we needed much more wall space than floor space, and I felt that we were given it. Anyway, here is a picture of our stand:


Our stand I feel was definitely one of the best, obviously I am biased, but we had a mixture of fashion, home wares and paper-based products, a real diversity throughout. Also, the person that had the suit, was short-listed for New Designer of the year, which I feel was definitely deserved, her work of digital stitch was fantastic, definitely the best person in Cardiff Metropolitan that deserved it, well done! We had a lot of interest from company’s and the general public in our stand, many people wanted to talk, have a look at our work and take business cards, which I feel was great, it was a busy filled 4 days which got a lot of attention.

I learnt a lot, I got a LOT of new contacts, I got offers and job experience from it, so I can say that all around it was definitely worth the price that I paid to go there. So heres to future job interviews, freelance work and meeting new people.

Thanks for reading! Cerys xo

Hypothetical Brief.

For my Final Project in Year 2!
(Feels weird saying that, the year has gone so fast, but I have learnt so many new things in University.)
But we have had the choice to pick out of 3 choices, whether we would want to do our own brief and ‘pretend’ to collaborate with an Designer of our choice. Or actually get in contact with a Designer and ask them could you create a collection for them and the final choice would be too apply for a competition and create Designs for that.

I wasn’t particularly interested in the last 2, so I decided to write my own brief and create a collection for my own, It just seemed like the most creative and fun, and I felt that I could create designs with an array of themes and not get bored half way through, and keep myself motivated all the way through, as the project is now running until May.

Laura Ashley

Laura Ashley, the stem of my new project, my inspiration.

I wasnt even born when Laura Ashley was at the height of her success. Her sophostated decorationstyle was a massive hit in the 1980’s and everyone seemed to want a piece of her work in their home. Her fresh floral designs were something thats always going to be popular, but her designer style gave them a different feel than other floral designs.

I’m not sure how Laura Ashley’s company survived so many years recently in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, the floral style was a past trend and not many people adorned her work in their homes, it was more of the minimalist style hit was in style in the interiors.

Maybe it’s the style of her work which I think a lot of people think it’s aimed at an older generation, but the shabby vintage look is a massive hit now and it’s going to stick around for a while. So why is her floral design so popular? Is it because she was one of the first designers to do them and all these other designers are dupes of her? I personally think so.

I even get inspired by her work and try to put my own stamp on her creations and design something which I feel looks even remotely like hers I would be happy, as it’s such a great style too have and something which is going to be in style for many years to come.


The S/S 2013 is a beautiful collection. The neutral approach on the 1970’s esque chair is a simple approach to the bold wallpaper in the background. The floral effect on the wallpaper I think will be in great style this spring and I personally agree that it is going to be a massive hit in the interior world. I feel that there is a mix of eras in the interiors here, Which I feel is great because I have always liked too Mis-match 2 eras and create something which no one else has, it has more of an unique style.









Just a few images which I feel inspire me the most.

(These are not my images, If you dont want your image on this blog, ask and I will take it down)

St Fagans Woollen Mill.

Being a regular visit to St Fagans, as my Boyfriend lives around the corner, I thought Id pop in there to give the Woollen Mill a visit.  I wanted to do some reasearch on the project ‘Welsh Wool’ and I thought this would be a pr=erfect start before i started researching online, To go and vsiti an actual Mill myself and see the tradition of Wales.

Esgair Moel, is the mill i specifically wanted to go see. Its a Mill thats dated all the way back from the eighteenth century! specifically 1760! Ancient in my eyes, but still amazing. It was origiaonlly located in Powys but foloowing St Fagans, and the welsh culture being here, it was re-erected here at the Museum of Rural Life in 1952. It gives a real element of Welsh Hisotry it being at the museum. What I didnt know that It is still used to produce traditional shawls and blankets, on its machinery that dates from the mid 18th Century! amazing.

These Photos are taken from, an interesting blog to read :)!

The outside of the building, which i love, future house would be perfect if it looked like this!

Hope you enjoyed my read! Cerys xo

Okay a huge catch up!

Well first let me apologize for not posting at all for AGES!

See, since we’ve been home for the summer, I have not got internet in my house! so I’ve been doodling and creating things on illustrator for me to use next year if needed, but I have done no blog/research work till now! I have got a lot of spare times on my hands, but unfortunately for me, this summer has been un-motivational to anything textile related. 

I bought a chair to do up, but, well that never happened, because you need money to do these things, and that is something I do not possess at the moment, so until then, I will be just planning and giving myself things to do with my spare time when I’m back in university (and have money!)

But instead of my rambling, let me tell you what’s new in the Cardiff Metropolitan Textiles. Minus the fact that they are really useless and I don’t know how they can operate a department, if they can’t operate a blackboard page? Having sent out new project to the people of now 3rd years, we haven’t had the brief, so we’ve had to go by what somebody else has sai8d, so a very bad start!

But the new project is Welsh wool. sustainability and ‘up-cycling of it. Well It does come in handy I guess since we’re in the heart of Wales and we near St Fagan’s, The wool museum and many other galleries museums showcasing welsh wool!

To be honest I am looking forward to this project at the moment, If they’re looking for us to create a modern, but still in touch with the traditional side of it, then digital textiles (which i now have a passion for) will be a very creative way of doing it!

Okay there’s enough on this post, loads more to come today though to show what I’ve done this summer!

My first Illustrator repeat pattern.

This piece was one of my first designs that I had created on illustrator. I found it SO diffiuclt to use when i first started, I mean, pphotoshop in my eyes was 10 times easier, and still is, I just dont get illustrator, but nevertheless, this was my first design. I think the colour palette on this, hasnt got a huge vibrancy on it, but i think that suits the piece.

Carmen Mok.

I studied her pieces while I was doing my Digital Textiles module. I love her designs so much, its  breath of fresh air to see such a bright and vibrant artist emerge onto the designer scene.I took elements of her work and applied to try and give mine an edgy, modern feel to it. Her pieces are under the category of ‘geometric’ which is exactly what it is, but the feel of floral within it is just lovely, it looks like a more feminine piece with that slight touch too it.








Geometric Designs.


We’ve started having photoshop lessons with Steve because obviously this being our digital term, you will have to know/use it. I can do most of the things on photoshop, but vectors I have never been able to do, I just give up, but today was that day, and i actually really enjoy it! Its just time consuming. I tried creating me and honestly looks bad, but it was my first go and it will still be in my sketchbook shown.

There we go, it kind of looks like the image, But i have no idea yet how to add shading and different tones to make it look more lifelike. But i enjoyed it!

experimenting with kalediscope

This happens to one of my favourites that I have created in the holidays, quite proud of this one! Simple but effective. I think that the colours contrast well which other, a happy mistake!