St Fagans.

Oh how I love this place, i could seriously go here every week. But my boyfriend would probably think i was insane or something, so i have to deal with going every few months! Most people just assume its a day out for families with children, but I love to go there, because i love the vibe i get from the place. I love going in all of the houses and seeing what they used to live like, I’d definetly have all the interior, even the house if it was equipped with central heating! But anyway, I find it to be a big inspiratio for my textile work. The patterns, the colours, the vintage design they have all over the park, its  something which i find appealing to include within my work.

Ahh the red house,the dream house (obviously modernised, i dont want to freeze to death!) The smell of a burning fire wafts through this ouse andmkes me want to curl up on the bed and never leave, Only a minor fault is that the house is equipped for short people, as hilariously my boyfriend whacked his head on the door frame ( I did try not to laugh!) With a cosy surrounding, the house interiorgives off an olden age feel that  find to be related to Textile Design, with hard wooden beds, chairs, tables and slate floors, this house is a perfect example of how they used to live.

( The main hut!)

Oh! Even further back into the Middle ages. The Celtic Village, not exactly my most favourite part of St Fagans, but still a fun part to visit anyway. I dont particulary like going inside the huts as the smellof the fire is too much for me too handle and makes me feel a little light headed! I prefer to have a lil peek through the door. Made of mud (i think?) These huts are impressive to look at, except the one in the corner, a modernised slate one! Paintings on the wall made by the inhabitants living in there, its a real lookinto how they used to live, this one im going to have to take a miss from!

By far my favourite part i St Fagans, I love the vintage feel in these stores. Gwalia stores is split into three or four parts you could say. The first part is a walkthrough filled with barrells and whatnot, but it leads up into the tea rooms, which the cream tea and a scone is beauuutiful. Then its the food stores, where there sell typicalolden food, well fudge, glass bottled water, sugar mice, chocolate, (Those chocolate owls are lush!) and that lastly its the shop where you can photographs taken of you if you dress up in old clothes, victorian style. Theres not much else to say really!

Okay, That’s it on St Fagans for now 🙂

Cerys xo


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A 19 year old Textile Design student studying in Cardiff! I decided to start up a blog as a diary for all things textile! Mostly inspiration and exhibitions I've been too. My favourite things are printing and having a big imagination!

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