Antoni Tapies

‘ Antoni Tapies work employed a variety of materials such as earth, newspaper and rope. In 1947 he also produced engravings and in 1948, together with a group of young writers and painters, the review, Dau al Set was established. In this year Tàpies had his first one-man exhibition and the reaction was one of anger and controversy. With the help of a scholarship from the French government, Tàpies moved to Paris in 1950. He remained for a year after which time he based himself in Barcelona. By 1952 his style had taken on a more geometrical appearance and was more concerned with studies of pure colour, for example ‘Scraping on Red’ (1952) and ‘Grey Ochre’ (1953). In 1955 he gave a lecture at the Santander Summer University discussing his approach to art, making a case for the importance of spontaneity in art and the need to improvise away from tradition. 1959 saw Tàpies increase his work rate considerably. ‘ taken from this website here!

 I like his work, even though its just scribbles, agree? Mark making, i hate it though, i find it pointless. I done it in college, foundation and now here, i get it, i can make a mark with a pencil, charocal etc…

But being one of the most influential artists in history, he influened it, Big blocks of colour mixed with scribbles is his forte. Tapies will continue to produce works that have a major contemporary significance. The human predicament is his subject throughout. Is that what you see when you look at it?

Cerys xo



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