Llandaff Cathedral

Ah I love this place, so beautful inside and out. This place is LOVELY at Christmas time, all decorated with lights, fayres, carol singing, its a great place to be. But anyway, we had to go there today and draw what we thought was interesting there. The outside is amazing, seriously I was amazed by it and I’ never care about buildings, but I loved it. It looks art medieval.
‘Llandaff Cathedral stands on one of the oldest Christian sites in Britain.  In the sixth century St Dyfrig founded a community close to the ford where the Roman road crossed the river Taff.  He was succeeded by St Teilo and then Teilo’s nephew, St Euddogwy.  These three Celtic Saints remain patron saints of the present Cathedral and are represented by the three mitres in the Cathedral badge.  Nothing remains of the original church but a Celtic Cross that stood nearby can still be seen near the door of the Chapter House. ‘ Taken from here!
I wasnt really feeling drawing outside, as it felt a bit grim drawing the tombstones and sitting near them, so i ventured inside.
Not mention it being freezing and the organ music blasting through the church, I wasnt really feeling it, but nevertheless i began. I done a graphical drawing of a candlestick, which i thought was pretty decent myself! See picture below!

C’mon your impressed right?!

I didnt necessarily want to end it there so i disappeared off into another room, where I was faced with a multitudeof things! I attmpted drawing a alter where the priest stands, but it was a abysmal, so out the page came of my sketchbook. Ive discovered I am not very good at drawing when it comes too charcoal, so I’m going to try and steer away from that and stick with pens, ink and paint. I dont really think that this piece could be transffered into stitch, its too bold, but free machine embroidary could work i suppose. What i think worked well with today is that i drew, well rubbed a lot of rubbings. I LOVE them, they’re so simple but yet so effective. I done a few decorative pieces on it and I think it looks well shown. I done some text too which i think could be percieved well if done as a print. See below the rubbings!

I love the patterns on this, very tribal looking kind of?

This was a bird decor! It didnt come out too well as i hoped but i still love it.

Just a decorative flower that i came across in the cathedral! I think it could be made into something else with a little bit of imagination!

I’m not 100% sure what this is supposed to be, but I am pretty sure it was supposed to be for a officer or something like that. The blob in the middle was supposed to be of a cat, but that wasnt pronounced enough to actually show on the rub.

The text I did.

I did attempt to  do rubbings outside, but the walls were way to bumpy to actually do anything and the surface didnt really show when i tried, it just came out like a scribble. So I abandoned that idea. I did take some leaves and attempt to do something, but it didnt turn out all that great. It was a useful expericen and Ill probably just wander down there and do it again, as i do live only down the road.

Cerys xo


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