Group 1: Stitch class!

Okay a while ago we were split into three groups, I was in stitch class first, which i was overjoyed about because, I love working on the sewing machine, which mistakingly i thought would be great, but i didnt enjoy it so much.

The lecturer Maggie is such a nice person, made me feel at ease at what i was doing, helped with everything, explained clearly, but she does talk a lot, some people favour that, but I just wanted to crack on!

I also thought we would have more feeedom with what we wanted to do, but there was a plan for each lesson which we had to follow, but i have already done all of this in foundation, so I’m not really too keen on repeating everything again! First of all we had too have a play on the sewing machines, getting to know it, putting the bobbin in, etc.. This was okay, useful i suppose! We had also been given a pack of cottons (a colour of our choice, fancy!) We had to experiment with wrapping that around the bobbin, and sewing backwards kind of thing? It looked really decorative, especially with the glitter cotton wrapped up in it! We also had to experiment with using 2 cottons, which was basic really, but still produced really nice results. This ws basically all we done on the first day, which was a nice easy day to start!

I missed the two Fridays with Maggie as i was ill, some disgusting illness had struck!

But the next Monday, we had two things to learn, in the morning i done, hand stitching! Which isnt my strong point i must admitm but it was nice learning how to do some things in other peoples way! I could not get the point of doing  chain stitch, It drove me insane trying to do it, so i just gave up, thats what a sewing machine is for right?

In the afternoon, we were doing pile fabrics or something or another? But i have always called it faux chenille since college and i probably always will! I hate this technique, it just doesnt appeal to me, I hate the way it looks and i will never use it as a textile artist, but it was still fun having a play!

I dont know what to think from just 2 classes with her? I didnt enjoy it as much as i thought i would, but maybe if i had some more time with her, it could potentially be  my chosen area!

Cerys xo


About cerysjames

A 19 year old Textile Design student studying in Cardiff! I decided to start up a blog as a diary for all things textile! Mostly inspiration and exhibitions I've been too. My favourite things are printing and having a big imagination!

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