Okay this trip has well and truely gone, but i have yet to write my review on what i thought of the museums, culture, etc..


I well and truely fell in love with this town. Okay, maybe i wouldnt want to live here for a long, long while, the people were rather arrogant, completly ignored the fact that they pushed you/hit into you while you were walking, but minus the people, it was rather pleasant to walk around. Oxford is a stunning city with a rich cultural history. The victorian esque buildings give a historic feel that can tell you they haven’t done much to modify the buildings in all of these years, which i favour because its gives it more of that cultural feel!


‘The Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology is Britain’s first public museum.  It opened in 1683 and houses the University’s enormous collection of art and artefacts as well as holding special events such as lectures, exhibitions and days of special interest. ‘ The Ashmolean is one of the biggest museums in Oxford (thats saying someting, as there are loads!) Its impressive layout inside will make you want to explore the whole of the place. The Ashmolean  is a grand building filled with art and archaeology. It being housed in a classic building, pillars inluded. The traditional, beautiful design, shows, that when you go in there you will not be disapointed. The collections that are in the museum, are ot really my favoured choice of art, but, I can uderstand why people would favour it. Eastern art, western art, statues (roman?) Beautifully designed, and has clearly been around for hundereds of years, amazing!

The part of the museum i went too look at was the Textiles part of it, which i LOVED. It houses the ancient textiles of many a year, they looked so delicate and beautifully designed, I took loads of pictures and I got a joy from drawing them, experimenting with collages and ink and trying to make them look, old?

Well the Ashmolean is definetly worth a visit if you’re ever in Oxford!

Pitt Rivers

Being the first time I have visited Oxford, I was confused when we had to walk through one museum to get to another, The Pitt Rivers being located behind the OU National History. But It was a nice idea because it makes you get in ‘the mood’ for looking at museum items, well it did me anyway! The displays in the museums are permanant and are archaeological and cultural items.

The items in the museum are something of another kind, something you could call unique? Items there include;

Pacific island objects, a collection of ceremonial brasses and ivories from the Kingdom of Benin; a fine group of early masks worn by actors in Japanese Noh dramas; more masks from Africa, Melanesia and North America; sculpture from all over the world in wood, pottery, metal and stone; boats, ranging from full-sized sailing craft to model canoes; baskets in all possible shapes and sizes; pottery from Africa and the Americas, including many pre-Columbian pieces; costumes from North America; magic objects; locks and keys; tools and weapons; musical instruments.

I love the way that they display the items. They seem to be very crowded in the cases and in my opinian i think it kind of resmebles a library? You can just go there and peer through the cases and, well not take them, but you can just sit there and draw them for hours, its such a nice atmosphere to be around when you’re there. In some instances the ‘displays’ are primarily visible storage, because the museum is a research for lecturers and professors in that chosen field!

If i had the time, I would i have spent hoursin there just drawig and investigating the objets, but unfortuanatly, my bus was leaving! I was fascinated by everything on there, the shrunken heads were my favourite! I was amzed by how  you can do that and they actually used to be humans? seriously! I would recommened bringing a torch though, as it is a bit dark there. The curator told me that once a year they shut off the lights and you bring a torch and you explore the pieces in the dark, it might have been on halloween, but i can really remember what he said sorry! Favourite museum visited so far!

Oxford University Museum Of Natural History;

This museum is located in such a beautiful area. The building is gothic looking? Its beautifully designed and grand! Obviously going in to the museum, you will be amazed,  the most famous pieces are the big dinosaur skeletons, the dodo and the beautiful fossils scattered around the place. The exhibits are permanant in the building.They are placed there to be  devoted to the history and scale of life on earth, and to the rocks and minerals from which it came from.

I appreciated the museum, but looking around the National Museum in London, its not hard to start comparing them. I spent about 45 minutes in that part, taking pictures of things i found interesting and wanted to draw. There are some bones in there withh beautiful patterns on and they’re going to create amazing collages.

Its a interesting place to visit if you’re ever in Oxford!

Okay that was my visit to Oxford, enjoy!

None of the images shown are mine, all have been taken from google!


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