Some techniques

-strong, versatile stitch used for seams, topstitching, handpicked zippers

L-R -Even backstitch, half backstitch, pick stitch, prick stitch

Blanket Stitch
-Decorative Edging

-used to temporarily hold together two or more fabrics

L-R- Diagonal basting, even basting, uneven basting.

Buttonhole Stitch
-Just to tack around a button hole.

Chain Stitch
– A lovely stitch to use, chain stitch is often used as an outlining stitch and does not have to be stitched in a straight line but can be stitched on a curve. As per the illustration bring the needle up at A and leaving a loop on the outside of your fabric, insert the needle back through A. Next bring your needle up at B which becomes the new A for the next chain.  Try to keep the links the same size.To finish a row, make a small holding or couching stitch at the apex of the loop of the last chain, to anchor it to your fabric.

Zig- Zag Chain Stitch
-The chains in this variation do not do not follow each other in a straight line but alternate to give a zig zag pattern. Work the first stitch as a basic chain stitch but slant it slightly as per the illustration. Thread comes up at point A for the next stitch. Put the needle into B to pierce the loop, anchor it, and come up again at C. Carry the thread under the point of the needle, then pull thread through. When proceeding remember to always pierce the loop and keep the angle of stitches the same. When finishing, make a small stitch over the last chain in the loop to fix it to the fabric.

Square Chain Stitch
-This is otherwise known as Ladder Stitch and can be used as an outline stitch. To make it more decorative a ribbon or contrasting colour thread can be threaded through the ladder.The stitch is worked between two parallel lines. Starting on the left line, bring needle up at A. Insert your needle at B at the same point of the right hand line and come up again at C. Carry thread under the end of the needle and pull thread through. Leave enough slack in the resulting stitch so that the needle can be inserted inside it to form the next stitch.To finish, anchor the last chain by taking a small couching stitch over the left side of the loop – then repeat on the right hand side.


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A 19 year old Textile Design student studying in Cardiff! I decided to start up a blog as a diary for all things textile! Mostly inspiration and exhibitions I've been too. My favourite things are printing and having a big imagination!

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