Elizabeth Berrien

Being inspired by currently being in Mixed Media class with Martin. We havent really done much in there except for wire making and handmade lamiate pictures. Elizabeth Berrien, is an amazing artist.

‘Elizabeth Berrien’s distinctive wire sculptures gain her recognition as one of the world’s foremost wire sculptors. In 1968 she began evolving her own unique form of non-traditional wire sculpture, a complex hybrid of lace-making and engineering. By 1985, she had raised her mastery of the new medium to the extent that museums were inviting her to create one-woman exhibits. Today her works are found in museums, galleries, zoos, parks, corporate settings, sculpture gardens and private homes throughout the world.

Elizabeth Berrien’s fluid, lacelike creations are remarkably sturdy and resilient. They cast intriguing shadows, and resonate softly when touched. Berrien begins each sculpture by twisting together single strands of wire. Twisting, stranding and splicing in countless additional wires, she creates a 3-dimensional line drawing, following the muscle, bone and feather patterns that best represent an animal’s inner essence.’ Taken from here!

What do you think of her work? Do you think you could create something like that?

Cerys xo


About cerysjames

A 19 year old Textile Design student studying in Cardiff! I decided to start up a blog as a diary for all things textile! Mostly inspiration and exhibitions I've been too. My favourite things are printing and having a big imagination!

One response to “Elizabeth Berrien

  1. Arielle Smith

    Do you know the dimensions of her owl piece?

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