Ron Mueck

Ron Mueck is an Hyperrealist sculptor. He was origionally born in Austrailia, but has spent many years in Great Britain making his works world wide known. I researched his background a bit more, his parents were toy makers so as a child he took part in the creation of puppets and costumes, I personally think this has a slight part to do with art, his pieces has a slight puppet look to them? Or is it just me that thinks that. Mueck has had no other art education, Mueck was able to establish a career making models for film and television including Labyrinth (which is one of my most favourite films ever!)and puppets for Sesame Street. He now works in London making props for a production company.

Mueck has devoted himself full-time to his art entierly, he formalluly said that he was interested in photography, but he thought that photographs were too flat/2D so he started creating life looking sculptures. His pieces are always either smaller than life-size or huge, I really like this, I think it has more of a imaginary looking feel to it, which I love. Mueck has used fiberglass to create his sculptures  and has started using silicone, a more flexible material that is easier to shape.

Mueck eventually switched over to fine art, making pieces with his mother-in-law, Paula Rego, (Who I love, her work is a huge inspiration to me!) His piece which made his name well known,was dead dad. I think this piece is beautiful.Its a haunting cast of the corpse of Mueck’s Father. Its about 2 times smaller  than the actual scale. The hair of the finished product is actually Mueck’s. I think thats rather touching, its like as if he wanted to be a part of his Father, even though he wasnt around anymore, amazing.

‘Dead Dad’

‘Wild Man’

‘Mother and Baby’

‘Woman with sticks’


‘Mask’ (I think!)

‘Old Ladies’

‘A Girl’

‘Big Man’

I hope you enjoyed reading, Thanks xo


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