Lecture 4: Howard Gardens

Lecture 4: Howard Gardens

19th October 2011

Okay this was also supposed to be posted ages ago, but obviously I forgot to post it again, silly me! I can’t really remember much from this brief, rather than it was mainly just a low down on what we’re supposed to be doing before the Christmas Term, which is nearly over (it’s gone so quick!) But it’s just because I need to enter this into my journal, I need the information on my blog! Sorry for the boring post!

Material Arts; Textiles

  • Introduction to module brief.
    Textiles as a discipline


    Ceramics and Textiles

    Domestic Setting

Clay and Thread – Alice Kettle and Helen Felcey

– All the pieces whether ceramic or textiles have been shared in the making, passed from one artist to another in an on-going conversation. The result are thrown slipware bowls and jugs by Alex M.C. Erivan, drawn and scratched into by Alice Kettle and similar complimentary textile works.

I researched some of these pieces online and I loved the way they looked, so simple, but yet you can imagine how long they took to design and create. I personally think that two different art styles collaborating is an amazing idea, as it is getting you out of your comfort zone and into something more adventurous. Alice Kettle’s artwork is a story with tons of movement due to the excess of stitching. Free machine embroidery creates a look, which gives the image of blurriness in my opinion. The images aren’t obvious; they are hidden beneath the mounds of stitching, imagine speeding past in a car, and you notice something, you have that effect of blurry and movement, this is what Alice Kettles pieces remind me of. Her artwork is very strong and I definitely can spend ages, just admiring what she has created and immersing yourself into that particular story she has created! But these pottery pieces she collaborated on are very different. Alex’s pottery I think are very traditional looking, so I think creating these modern pieces were a step out of her comfort zone too.

  • Project Brief – Content Structure

    – Your work for this module comprises the following weeks, 1-6Autumn term ad week 1-4 spring term.

    Lecture Programme;

    Lectures documented through word
    Negative and positive
    Can stick in found images, drawn, but you must show evidence of reflection and enquiry.
    Give thoughts on work/tutorials, etc…
    At the end of each lecture our ill be set a task.

    – Can be quite sketchbook (Diagrams)

    First term;

    Choose one object from the following places;

    V& a London, British Museum, London, The Tate, London, The Ashmolean, Oxford, The Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, The National Museum of Cardiff, St Fagan’s

    Analyse Chosen Object
    – What is it
    – What was its purpose
    – Describe
    – When was it made
    – How was it made

    Think beyond the object (what?)

    Assessment will be a 5 minute presentation.


    – vigorous and approiate of research
    – Critical understanding of the issues
    – Degree of literacy, style and construction
    – Extent and accuracy of referencing.

I personally think that this lecture would have been a big help. Now when I do find the object I wish to research, this brief will help me through it and guide me when I most need it. The facts stated have been a huge help to make sure that the object will be the right one for me. I had to think when she said think beyond the object; at first I was like, what is this lecturer on about? But after thinking about it for a while, I understood, that she meant look deeper into what it means, don’t just look at the surface, which is what a lot of people do in textiles, so it’s actually quite symbolical to what textiles is really!


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