Lecture 5: Llandaff


Lecture Five: Llandaff
26th October 2011

Phillipa Lawrence
– I absolutely loved this lecture. It was full of her own personality and that’s what made it stand out, she was a fun lecturer and made the lecture, non-sleep inducing and more so that I actually wanted to listen to what she was saying. I saw her work in the Botanic Gardens when I was a lot younger, of course I had NO idea who it was, what it meant and all I thought, why is there a tree wrapped in a bandage? But no, since growing up and understanding textile art, her work has shone out so much more, it’s amazing! But anyway, this lecture was my favourite by far, and it was a definitely amazing to be taught something, by this mazing, inspiring artist. Her enthusiastic ways made me really listen, it’s the way she presents herself, that make you think.

I was wondering throughout the lecture, why on earth did she pick Wales to showcase her project bound, were you wondering too? If so here’s an interview piece I found of her talking about why she chose Wales.

‘Bound was about trying to make a piece of work that referenced the landscape which I’ve grown to love, and also to give something back, because although I’m not Welsh I do feel really close to Wales. By binding a tree I felt it almost bound me to the landscape, and in a way I felt as though I’d ‘earned my stripes’.
But, I make my work wherever I am and it’s not dependent on one specific place. I have been invited to have exhibitions in Australia, Japan, Canada, the Czech Republic and Iceland. These opportunities gave me the chance to make a real connection to the spaces where the work was to be shown. I make a site visit where possible as I would be uncomfortable ‘parachuting’ work into an alien space – I would feel it had no connection.’ Taken from here- http://philippalawrence.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/AmeliasMagazine2008.pdf

I really loved this piece, it’s so simple, yet it’s so powering. This piece of work is basically a piece composed of a few hundreds of carpet tacks. Phillipa  said she picked to use these tacks, as it looked like each one had been hand cut and looked unique. It was basically supposed to represent a huge bundle of flies, spiders, etc… of it growing, all of it being pushed up the corner, just showing a black mass of colour, it’s kind of eerie, if you didn’t know what you were looking at. It would definitely make an impression if you walked into a room. It’s supposed to show the beauty within the ordinary, which I think is such a simple but effective way to describe it. I like how she’s added one gold tack, this is supposed to represent the ‘queen’ the heart of the piece. She said that they carved that one by themselves out of gold that really is a special touch for the piece.
I really wish I saw this piece in person though. It has a huge resemblance to Patrice McKevitt’s installation, funnily enough also called Swarm!, Does anyone else know which piece I am on about, go on have a look! I WONDER IF Phillipa was inspired by that piece as her piece has the same name, seems more than a coincidence! Our main theme for the workshops was by nature, so this being also inspired by natures tiny creatures, has Phillipa got a fascination with flies, or is it just an attraction to her for her many nature inspired art pieces, what do you think? This is a really powerful piece in my opinion.


Cotton wrapped deceased oak
Meadow Arts commission, 2009

This monumental 46 foot deceased oak has been wrapped in thin strips of heavy duty cotton drill in a lengthy process that has taken close toa month. With Bound, Philippa Lawrence refers not only to the physical act of binding the trees in cloth but also to the closeness experienced while working so closely with the tree and in the landscape.
For the artist, wrapping is a meditative act and amounts to ‘revealing through concealing’. The form seems to be released and revealed through the temporary constraint of being bound in red fabric; our attention is drawn to the nature of the this majestic tree as if for the first time. The choice of red fabric was instinctual. In this case – listening to the tree as much as telling. Taken from http://www.meadowarts.org/page.php?Plv=3&P1=&P2=8&P3=10

This was supposed to done ages ago, but I have only really got the time at the moment to copy it from my journal onto my blog, I hope you enjoyed reading, Cerys xo


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