Jo Deeley

Jo Deeley

‘I am a textile artist who has been working in textiles for the last 4 years. I work with different textures and methods to create sculptural shapes and designs. I am particularly interested in making three dimensional fabrics using traditional methods, weaving, knitting, plaiting and knotting as well as more untraditional methods by folding and pressing fabric.

My ideas develop and change over different projects and are reactions to images seen and research built up in my sketchbooks. Pieces are often driven by the process or technique I am using, but I am also inspired by patterns and structures in nature as well as man-made buildings and constructions. I also use museums as a great source of information and learning which informs my work.

The textile courses at university covered a broad range of textiles. Not only traditional fabrics but also that everything has a fabric and a texture, and that creating new surfaces is a reaction to what we see all around us. Since leaving university I have continued to develop these ideas creating textile shapes that explore the use of space and surface, and I continue to explore textile and material manipulations.’ Taken from

I love Jo Deeley’s simple designs. The texture, the surface and the mood of her pieces, are brought to life when beautifully crafted by the very talented Jo Deeley. It’s just the manipulations she creates, so amazing, and all hand designed by her. The knotted, woven and folded textures, draw me in to something, like I need to feel them in real life, it’s almost temptation. Her huge variety of pieces in her portfolio is impressive. I don’t know what it is about using the one colour, but it’s beautiful.

Hope you enjoyed xo


About cerysjames

A 19 year old Textile Design student studying in Cardiff! I decided to start up a blog as a diary for all things textile! Mostly inspiration and exhibitions I've been too. My favourite things are printing and having a big imagination!

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