My experience in Amsterdam.

Brace yourselves; this post isn’t going to be a short one. I have a huge amount to talk about. I recently got back from my Christmas break in Amsterdam. I didn’t go for ages, a 4 night, and 5 day stay, long enough for me. I personally think that it’s such a hectic city to be in if you’re not familiar with the surroundings. I’m pretty sure that I experienced as much I could in the amount of times I was there. I don’t think I could have stayed there much longer, I was so tired after the 5 days, I was in bed everyday night by 7pm, the amount of sights you can take in by walking was the best way, so by the end of the week I done enough walking for a lifetime, not again for a long while.

When we got into Schiphol, we caught a train into the central, originally wanted to Amsterdam Zuid but got lost on the way. On the way there all I noticed was high buildings encasing the city, I’m not going to lie; all I expected to see was Christmas markets with Christmas lights everywhere. It was not cosmetically appealing in the slightest. But it’s my favourite city that I’ve visited so far.

I was really excited about the  culture and how everything happens in Amstedam, but one thing i really wanted to do was hire a bike and explore the strets, but i didnt think it was going to be so fun when theres a Tour De France through Amsterdam everyday. They’re not polite and ring their bell for all the wrong reasons. I just personally don’t like the Dutch people, they’re quite rude!

Canal ‘Hop on, hop off’

Me and my boyfriend went on this boat ride just to experience a few of the sights we hadn’t really seen so far in our journey around Amsterdam. There are three lines you can experience on the boats we firstly went on the orange line, which was the longest of them all and you got to experience sights like TropenMuseum, Dapper Market, Centraal, Artis Zoo, just a few of the ones I actually paid attention too.  But all in all I wasn’t really that impressed. While on the journey the filthy canals were cluttered with untouched boat houses that were overthrown with rubbish and mould, not an attractive sight for someone who’s never been there too see. But on the positive side, there were some beautiful ones, which were painted in bright colours and lined with flowers, made me smile when I saw them. I also saw the gorgeous canal side houses that I found out had to small in width because it cost more if your houses were wider! How weird I thought.
The Red Line stopped at the city’s most visited museums, which wasn’t necessarily fun to see unless you were actually going to get off and go in them, but anyway. But it was nice to see it from the canal view.
I also saw that there was a floating Chinese Restraint on the canal, which I really wish I saw at the beginning of the trip as I really wanted to go there, it was covered in traditional Chinese architecture and it was one of those things which would have been memorable.
I personally thought that the boat ride was quite romantic, because at the beginning it was just me and my boyfriend by ourselves on the boat, and I don’t know, it’s quite sweet on a boat ride, even if it was in daytime Amsterdam. All in all I definitely think this is something you should do if you want to see most of Amsterdam’s sights.

Anne Frank Museum

This wasn’t really a museum, but more of the house that she lived in when she was in hiding from the Germans in the war time. It was something you have to experience to know what I’m talking about, but it was just a feeling you had in there, knowing there that’s where she lived her final years. Walking through the house was such a surreal experience, knowing that the amount of paralysing fear, courage and heartbreak of all the families that lived there. It was all still being remembered everyday by the amount of different people that walked though there. I found it amazing how they all lived in such a tiny place for years.

A rear view of the Anne Frank House

The book case hiding the secret annexe.

Anne’s room, which she shared with Mr Dussel

Christmas Markets

This is what I came to Amsterdam too see! The festivities of the markets, selling amazing one off things. There were a few that I saw, both accompanied with ice skating rinks, which I would have loved to go on if I didn’t fall on my arse all the time. There were stalls selling tulips, cheese, mulled wine, hotdogs, burgers, ham and cheese toasties (which were the most delicious things I will EVER eat, waffle and pancake carts, which were also delicious, but too overpriced to eat all the time. I loved it, there were Christmas lights, music, and everything seemed so cheery. There were plenty of tourists gathered around there, everyone wanting a piece of Dutch cheer

Coffee Shop

This is not what I wanted to go to Amsterdam for, smoking all day in coffee shops, even though that’s what art students are known for right? I found that down every street there was at least 5 ‘coffee shops’. The smell lingered through the air everywhere. Everyone was just casually smoking it everywhere, obviously its normal there because its legal, but it was just so weird seeing it when it’s so different in the United Kingdom. Shops were just selling mushrooms, weed, and bongs openly, an eye-opener surely. I just stuck to buying tea in Starbucks and McDonalds though.

A few other things I visited were the Torture Museum, The Sex Museum, Red Light District, and a few small others. All in all it was such a great place to go and I will definitely go there again!

(All pictures were taken from http://www. uk, except the top 4!)


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