Dye Workshop Conclusion

Dye was the final workshop that I had left and I can definitely say, it was probably my favourite of all three. Not that it’s definitely going to be my chosen area; it’s too soon to tell. All in all, I learnt the most of what I didn’t already know, and I enjoyed it while I was doing it. I found that this workshop was the easiest to create the most samples in and had the most variation. The lecturer in the workshop was the easiest to get along with as he was so easy going, so it was enjoyable.

The first day in the workshop was not the best I thought, we didn’t really do much and most of the day was filled with gaps when we had nothing to do really, it just didn’t grab my attention then. But we did stretch paper and draw anything on it procian dye, wax, batiking, salt, stencilling, etc… Anything you could think of that would capture your personality and show something different on every piece of paper. The second thing we had to do that day was paint our designs on the screens that we wanted to print the next day, the one I created was absolute awful, so I didn’t even bother printing it the next day, I just washed it and disregarded it, the dye ran and it just didn’t look the thing I drew anymore, so I didn’t see a point in using it. I already knew how to do these two techniques, so I didn’t find it a fulfilling day as I could have.

The second day that we were in the dye lab, I didn’t actually end up going in, as I felt poorly, but I didn’t catch up with what we actually did, so it wasn’t too bad. What we learnt that day was heat transfer printing and doing our screen prints. I loved doing the heat press and making beautiful prints, because the print left on the paper could also be used as well as a sample, and could be used multiple times anyway.  The heat transfer I learnt doesn’t work well on a lot of materials, but if you do pick the right material to use, they can create bold and beautiful pieces. I tired working on a lot of different materials. I tried using lace, paper towels, all the materials I had with me and I bought some off Steve so that I could manipulate them too. I created about 30 of them heat transfers in the final stage of dye, I was quite proud of the fact I done them myself. I learnt quite a lot this day (even though I was off!)

The third day in the print workshop (I think it was this day!) we learnt how to do acid dye baths and Dysperse dye baths. I loved doing this because you could create beautiful patterns with just a clamp and a wooden block, or pegs, or a tube, or a stick! I would love to use this technique again and then sew some intricate patterns on top. I found that the best materials to work with the dye baths were the velvety material? I can remember what it was called but the colour stuck to it great.

The final day in dye we done Shibori, which I found difficult to actually get the knots first, but when I got the hang of it, I done loads of pieces in no time. The knot is special, so that when you pull it, all of them come apart at the same time. The patterns it created was amazing, an easier tie dye I would call it!


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A 19 year old Textile Design student studying in Cardiff! I decided to start up a blog as a diary for all things textile! Mostly inspiration and exhibitions I've been too. My favourite things are printing and having a big imagination!

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