Mixed Media

Mixed Media Workshop conclusion;

Media, what an experience. Not one I’ll be repeating regularly. I didn’t really enjoy mixed media to be honest. I just don’t like all the fiddly bits that you had to work with, and then at the end of all your hard work, it can either snap or just fall apart, too much heart break for me to be honest!

On the first day we went into mixed media he gave us a brief encounter of what to expect in the next 2 weeks ( 4 days of that being mixed media!) I didn’t expect much to be honest, there were too many of us to actually have a one to one with him each. As I expected he left us out some wire and then told us what to get on with. He wanted us to create a square? Like normal square with something inside that you bent yourselves to create this lovely picture, but I didn’t end up putting that on my final board, because I really thought it looked terrible and definitely didn’t want that to show my skills, but I made a load of little samples to be put on the board, I made 2 pieces of metal wire twirled together, embossed copper and foil, etc.. It was a fun experience as that was the easy part.

The next day we were in there, he wanted us to create something 3D, so I decided to do something I am best for, and do a heart9 I love drawing and creating hearts, I am always doodling them!) I ended up just creating a wire heart out of the thickest metal wire, which was a bitch to actually make, and get the bends in the right places, and then I got the 2nd thickest wire and created like a caged effect around it, circles basically encasing the thing, which I thought looked really effective, and definitely will use that in a lot of my drawings when I need inspiration. I then just twirled pink wire around the circles, to give it more creative and effective surface.

On the same day, he wanted us to learn how to laminate. I actually quite liked this; it took like 5 minutes and created such a beautiful outcome. Basically, you just need a plastic bag, a lot of PVA and a picture, leaf, small wire decoration, flowers, etc… anything that will fit when you do it I suppose, and then when it’s all dry you just peel it off and you have a thin layer, with your creation incised within it.
On the next Monday, we got told we had to create a box, any box we wanted really. Any size, any shape, but it had to have six sides. I only ended up doing 5 sides because the bottom of the box was so miss-matched because this being the first box I created with wire wasn’t very stable or aesthetically looking, but I was still pleased with what I created. I did a different variation on each side and showed what my abilities had learnt while I was in Mixed Media. On the Friday we basically did the same.

All in all a great experience to things I hadn’t been shown before, but not something id personally like to take on in my career as a textile artist.


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A 19 year old Textile Design student studying in Cardiff! I decided to start up a blog as a diary for all things textile! Mostly inspiration and exhibitions I've been too. My favourite things are printing and having a big imagination!

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