Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre; Running Stitch – Atmospheres, recollections and narratives in textiles.

Okay my second trip to this small but wonderful arts and crafts art  centre. This time it had som ething more appealing to me there and i really enjoyed seeing all of the artists work. It was obviously more textile related as it was a theme of stitching.  There were three amazing artists work, and it really inspired to what i would want to study this term. It was leaning more to the contemporaty textiles in Wales, which is one of the approaches i could see myself taking, so it was a real inspiration to what maybe i could achive.

It made me think more of what i actually wanted to specialise in, Ive aalways thought it would be print and then i could stich on top of them to improve it and whatnot, but now looking at this ehibition visit, it made me think a lot more about you could achieve with stitch. I’ve learnyt you cant tell a lot more about peoples personalitys with stitch. The type of fabric they have, vintage, new, handmade? Even thaat slightest little detail could tell you what type of person they actually are.

Becky Adams;

She was definetly the most inspirational artists i could possibly study in this project because 2 of her pieces are actually links to what i have chosen to study. Not going to say what, but its really intresting!

‘I combine stitched paper, vintage fabric, sketchbook and antique ephemera to create intricate paper and book works. My work is a recollection of past experience and contemplates themes of memory, souvenir and the preservation of what could otherwise be lost. Connections are made between text, textile, stitch and narrative thread.’ Source

I really love the concept of her work because it really puts things insight for me. She captures past memories within her work and thats what i would have loved to do with this project because i wwanted to incase memories of the welsh culture an mix them with chinese cultures and create something altogether new. Her work really helped.

Claire Cawte

‘Claire Cawte is Welsh textile designer/maker who, in 2004 graduated with a BA Honours degree in Contemporary Textile Practice after studying as a mature student at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff.

As a textile artist her work includes wraps, scarves, bags and corsages all influenced by the natural environment and tribal costume.  This is complimented with a burgeoning collection of sculptural pieces inspired by the characteristics of British fleece.

Using a variety of fabrics and fibres, including wool, silk, linen, fleece, bamboo and soya, and utilising natural plant dye, felt making and shibori techniques, she creates unique and beautiful hand crafted pieces.

Sourcing many of the materials locally and from sustainable sources she is able to combine yesterday’s skills with the sophistication of today.’ source

Okay theres a few reasons why i love her work. One thing is she studied at the univesrsity i am at now, and that is a lot of inspiration to go by. She’s quite a well known artist, and if i can reach that level of textile art she creates,then i will be pretty pleased with what i have achieved! Second thing is, shes welsh (obviously a bonus in my case!) but seriously, it says she uses materials from her local area, which obviously is wales. I want to study artists that use memories/welsh sources within her work, and well she does!  But in her case of work as well, i consider her pieces to be more of a piece of art than wearable around the town centre on a saturday. So i can sort of link that as beauty as a piece pf art, to lotus foot binding! Il find a way somehow, anyway, here are her pieces!

Just a few so you get an idea of what her work pieces look like!

Ruth Harries

The final artists that i saw. I love her work. Ive studied her LOADS of times. Its very welsh cultured based. Something which you should know by now that i am a huge fan of! She deeply encourages welsh childhood. I love that you can tell her welsh identity by just looking at her work, I want to create an atmosphere luke tht and hopefully pursue a final piece which shows off something that i can be proud of.

There are figurative and abstract elements to my work, which re-present emotionallycharged atmospheres and recollections within the family. I strive to convey emotions triggered by memories In a response to motherhood, I have delighted in the simple and enviable beauty of a child’s confident drawings. I reflect on a house; a place of birth and death,and the subtle and intimate traces of life within it, a reflection on the transience of being and our right of passage. Aspects of my Welsh identity and the use of the Welsh language within my family, are also considered. Working directly; letting it grow and develop intuitively and spontaneously, I use machine stitch, achieving subtle variations in colour and tone in a free and expressive way, aiming to express the speed and gesture of a mark. The diverse qualities of mark making produced by painting, writing and drawing are considered in stitch.’ source

I didnt upload them all,, but i find some of her childhood drawing stitches to be quite dark, maybe they reflect on bad times? I dont know, they sure do reflect memries though!

Hope you enjoy!

Cerys xo


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