My time in the Printing workshop

We originally in the first place was only supposed to have 3 days in the workshop, but instead of just having Friday in one week, they decided to stick us also doing one on Thursday, well guess what i couldnt make it, I had a dentist appointment in Port Talbot and i couldnt make it, this didnt really get me in the mood for printing and unfortunately missed Friday as well. So in missing half the week. I had missed a lot, ALOT.

But this is what i gathered happened from asking Steve each day.

Thursday and Friday, Monday and Friday!

On the Thursday, we got introduced to the screens and coating them in photo emulsion. Basically what this does is and the exposure unit  kind of melts (burns?) away the shape of your desired image, Im trying to explain it in my words, sorry if you dont understand me!. This took like 45 minutes to be ready for us so i popped to the library and did more research (Hey im getting good at this student thing) Then when they were dry we had to get our photocopied sheets and coat them in oil, just standard oil so they could be popped into the vacuum machine (im getting technical) This basically does what i just explained.  Voila you have your screen, But then you have to scrub it down and leave that to dry, a very long and tiring day ahead of me!

Okay Im just going to explain each type of printing ink we used, and i basically created a few samples each within the process.

-Discharge inks.

This one i didnt experiment much with, but i love what i did create. It is basically an ink, which you can add any colour too, a special one not just dye. This ink is mainly used on darker fabrics, he gave us a special black fabric (for the life of me i cant remember the name) But it did come up really well when i finished. The ink basically removes the dye in the garment and it creates a lovely soft texture and feeling, I loved smoothing the fabric! I think it gave a type of bleach effect when it was finished? I want to experiment with this more especially on the prints i got of lovespoons, i think they would suit this ink really well.

Expanding ink (puff)

– I LOVED this one, it is so fun too create something and then just see it double in puffiness, amazing. Its a very 3D feel and if i do decided to create wallpaper i think that this will be a definite staple in the techniques.


-I loved the velvet flocking. It was beautiful, I want to use it on everything i make. I didnt care so much for the foil flocking, but it does give a nice effect if you were too use it in such a unique way, because i missed a few days i just wanted to get samples done, so I just made pictures with flocking completely over them, not intricate detail, But i definitely will when i go in there in the 2 weeks, I can’t wait! (Its basically just a glue printed onto the fabrics on the bit you want and then you put the foil or velvet flocking on it and the heat transfers it onto your fabric)

Then it was just the normal ink, we had some with glitter in as well, how lovely was that! I really enjoyed working in the workshop, it opened my eyes to things i definitely didnt know about before and has just made me more persistent to stick with print and develop it more and more!

-Okay that’s not everything, but I got most of what i wanted to say within it, Hope you enjoyed!


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A 19 year old Textile Design student studying in Cardiff! I decided to start up a blog as a diary for all things textile! Mostly inspiration and exhibitions I've been too. My favourite things are printing and having a big imagination!

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