Print Workshop; a review

Christine Schmidt

I took this book out from the library with little hope that it would actually give me any inspiration at all, well guess what? It did! I didnt really glance it over it properly before i took it out and realised it was just 100% hand printing techniques, so easily done at home (or in my case, my tiny little box of a room) I really needed some inspiration to get me going because the first week, I had no motivaiton at all and well, didnt really want to turn up for the workshops at all, and owuld have preffered to lie in bed. But no, with a slight boost of energy and a little motivation I got myself to the library and took out 5 books.

I tried the potato one in the hope of creating something amazing, well, it wasnt. Quite frankly i wouldnt have used it AT all unless i couldnt tidy it up a little with stitch, i have a little hope that I can. I’m only really just getting stuck into print though. I have always had a masssive urge to create something, like pair of curtains or wallpaper, But i was always to ‘scared’ that i wouldnt be able to do it, as im not 100% confident with creating designs usually, but im learning slowly! I didn’t really have a chance in Foundation or college as the print department wasnt huge so we didn experiment as much as i would have liked too.

But all in all, this book is full of fresh and unique idea’s and i will definetly be renting it out again for inspiration!


About cerysjames

A 19 year old Textile Design student studying in Cardiff! I decided to start up a blog as a diary for all things textile! Mostly inspiration and exhibitions I've been too. My favourite things are printing and having a big imagination!

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