William Morris

I’ve already done a post on William Morris, but he’s inspired me greatly throughout this current module so I thought I’d do another post on how he’s inspired my work throughout this module. I wanted to gather a greater knowledge of what I was doing in Textile design, but I wanted to deepen my research by exploring the history of wallpaper designs. From researching internet articles and reading journals and books, I have understood wallpaper design a lot more. I found William Morris really interesting within my research, and I wanted to identify his way of using media, materials and technology.

This is the signature piece and the purpose of this work is that it supposed to be a recognisable trademark for his work. Morris’s work in a way is the beginning of the social, moral and political movement of his work. This product is a print, it isn’t supposed to be a perfect piece, but it definitely has an imaginative figurative to it. The design is surface deep; take a closer look rather than just glancing at it. At closer looking, there are weaving vines which veined around the centre structure. I think this work definitely shows the brilliance of William Morris, you can blatantly tell he was an influential designer. He has stuck to a very Victorian theme of black and white, but all in all it is a very powerful design. The black definitely dominates the print, which I think is a great touch. The design is supposed to be focused on the typography, but I personally think the pattern is much better instead.

Most of the arrangement of his work people would think is too bold, but I love the way his work is so busy, it isn’t a boring minimalistic piece, it’s full of personality. The element of the scheme Is that the black is supposed to be the dominating power on the page, I guess he wanted you to be attracted to it. I find with his work is that because it overpowers the white, but yet I think the white still fills the page out more? The illusionism with the white border, stands out from the floral display, it’s very effective. I personally don’t like this one. Even though this was made out of a wooden block and a kelmsodd press, it still looks immaculate. I kind of like he over-crowded it though, as it sort of tell a story and the pattern is the words.

But what I really got inspired by was William Morris’s wallpaper. I love the traditional design. I found it great that i could link the traiditonal print press that he used in the centuries ages ago and how i would use the press in the present day. I plan to link it back all the way back to his work.

Hope you enjoyed my post!

Cerys xo


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A 19 year old Textile Design student studying in Cardiff! I decided to start up a blog as a diary for all things textile! Mostly inspiration and exhibitions I've been too. My favourite things are printing and having a big imagination!

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