Final Piece

  • Final pieces;

    Okay, I have thought long and hard about the final piece I wanted to create. I really wanted to incorporate all three workshops into the piece, but not overpowering and noticeable, just really subtle and makes you think where about I got the idea from. After experiencing all the workshops now, I can definitely say that the print workshop was my favourite one, so I definitely wanted to put the most effort into the backdrop of this one.  I have two ideas, but I am leaning more towards the first one really. I’m just writing them down to get the ideas of my shoulders and maybe after writing them I can choose the one I’m firmly decided with.

    As for my three objects I have created a wallpaper backdrop, but only going to use a sample of it, (I will make this known when presenting.) this is from the Chinese lotus shoe, I created a vector of the drawing I wanted to do and upon showing it to Steve, he suggest that I use (calico or canvas) as my material, and then dye it in the dye baths and then do my design on top. I am going to colour the pieces as the sample piece in my drawing book and then on the black lines, I am going to use the flocking print, in black of course, just to give the piece some texture. I really am excited as to see the overall outcome. I am unsure whether to present it within a frame or just free hanging by itself. Then as for the teacup piece I wanted to use the free machine embroidery design, as like the 3D object we learnt to do and then either free machine ‘Dwi’n caru ti’ (I love you) in welsh across it or buy a doily and do it across that, Or a welsh love poem (but I’m leaning towards the ‘I love you’ as it is my favourite!  Then as well for the spoon, I was going to felt a spoon and then just place it on the saucer, as I wanted to use an old welsh tradition to link it together. What the concept is with all of these objects is that I wanted to bring two different traditions together (welsh and Chinese) in a homely way. Which using this idea, I think I can achieve!

    As for this one, it’s definitely more print influenced, because that’s all it entails, prints. But it’s definitely more of what I want to specialise in, and then Id stitch on top of the print to give more of a textured feel. But it doesn’t really contain much personality in what the pieces show, it would just be three print of a drawing that I had created, but it’s still an idea floating around in the back of my mind. I want them to be full of colour and bold though, I don’t want them to drab and contemporary, I still want to try and connect the traditions throughout print.


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A 19 year old Textile Design student studying in Cardiff! I decided to start up a blog as a diary for all things textile! Mostly inspiration and exhibitions I've been too. My favourite things are printing and having a big imagination!

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