Guther Von Hagen

I didn’t really know what to except when I switched over to this on Channel four on Easter Sunday, I obviously knew it’d be relating to religion and Jesus being crucified, but I didn’t know anything of what the documentary was going to entail. I had heared briefly of Guther Von Hagen’s work because I studied him slightly within my Fine Art pieces in College. He heavily influenced me on a decay piece I had created, so I knew what I was expecting.  It’s not a  noral television show which you expect to seeon Easter, but nevertheless, It was an amazing documentation to atch and would advise anyone to catch up on it, if you’re interested in any form of art or anything really!

For mostly everyone, they’ve heard of his unique work, but if you haven’t, let me tell you what he is well known for. Gunther Von Hagens created a series of pieces with a technique called ‘plastination’. He basically burns off the tissue with acid and then replaces it with plastic, dead tissue. It could be human, animal or vegetable tissue. He got World famous when he embarked on series of work called ‘Body worlds’. Gruesome is definitely what to springs to mind when you tell people this is art and what he is known for. But for most lovers of his work, like me and most people on my course I would presume, it’s educational and amazing to know that you can actually do this in modern day science. If he didn’t do this it wouldn’t allow anyone, mostly including medical students, that it must be amazing for their studies to understand and know what we’re made of, and not just learning off it from behind a computer. I find it amazing that you can see the pattern of blood vessel’s which in itself looks like a work of art. He doesn’t just keep his work within the confines of humans though, he has travelled over onto the animal world, and even on the documentary he said, ‘here’s a piece of lion’ well I think it was lion, but anyway, how fascinating.

The concept for this piece of art was to create a real life crucified piece of Jesus on the cross. But what I imagine would upset religious people, using real life body parts. I personally think the outcome was amazing and don’t see why you can’t understand what Gunther was trying to achieve. If you follow religious closely then maybe you should give this documentary a miss!  Gunther though was so precise with the layout of the plascation on the body; he wanted everything to be perfect, like it was going to be his last piece in the world of art. He wanted to be involved in every single aspect of the piece and even wanted to be part of the wood chopping down process even though he couldn’t actually help in terms of chopping it down. I find it amazing that he’s that devoted when he creates something. I think that when we found out Gunther was dying of Parkinson’s disease on the documentary it made more sense of why he was doing this now. I think that since he wanted to do it for such a long time, but never did, he saw now as his last chance.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!



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