Easter and a book review!

Finally! After a long 10 weeks of full hard work developing our project on ‘The World is full of objects’ we finally handed everything in on Friday, and I can say it really was a relief to hand everything in and be proud of it. There were some amazing pieces in the first year exhibition and then there were some you could clearly see that they done them a few days before the hand in date, I don’t blame them though, It can get really stressful! I really did love the final piece I had created, it was something I hadn’t done before, so to see that hung up the way I wanted it to be and look ‘not awful’ was lovely, let’s hope the course directors thought so too, I couldn’t handle getting a bad grade after researching and working so hard.

But I haven’t really taken a break from textiles, since I have been off; I’ve still been looking at textile books! That is why I am here, too review these two books! Enjoy!

  • Book review one; The Busy Girl’s Guide to Sewing: Unlock your inner sewing Goddess – Projects, Advice and inspiration for a creative lifestyle.

    (I found this picture on Google! It is not mine!)

    I didnt even mean to take out this book, but i liked the cover and after flicking thorugh it for a second, inoticed that a load of the projects were really simple and if you had a sewing machine it woudl take half the time if you had to hand sew it, so i took it home and within a few minutes i had photocopied most of the pages and they are not stuck in my inspirationn book that i flick through if im stuck for projects in university!

    But as i like to go by, you cant judge a book byt its cover so i decided to try out the simpliest project in the book, making a jumbo pin cushion, anyone with a pair of hands can make these even if you havent even touched a needle abf thread before, it isnt hard, you just have too sew a simple box together and the stuff it with well, stuffing (wadding if you like)! I dont even have a pincushion actually I just use the top of my sewing box and that works fine by me!  But i though i may as well have on for when i go away on trips or something. After ten minutes, I had a beautiful pincushion which i left at home so i cant actually take a picture for you, sorry!

    But i found the book really easy to go along with, the authors are really helpful and made simple tutorials for you to go by when you do the pieces, no getting confused here!  Each project has helpful pictures and drawings to help you along.

    Thats all i really have to say about it! A lovely simple craft book if you dont have that much spare time! Go out and buy it or even borrow it! You will love it!

    • Book review two;Kirstie Allsopp’s CRAFT.




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