We’ve started having photoshop lessons with Steve because obviously this being our digital term, you will have to know/use it. I can do most of the things on photoshop, but vectors I have never been able to do, I just give up, but today was that day, and i actually really enjoy it! Its just time consuming. I tried creating me and honestly looks bad, but it was my first go and it will still be in my sketchbook shown.

There we go, it kind of looks like the image, But i have no idea yet how to add shading and different tones to make it look more lifelike. But i enjoyed it!


About cerysjames

A 19 year old Textile Design student studying in Cardiff! I decided to start up a blog as a diary for all things textile! Mostly inspiration and exhibitions I've been too. My favourite things are printing and having a big imagination!

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