St Fagans Woollen Mill.

Being a regular visit to St Fagans, as my Boyfriend lives around the corner, I thought Id pop in there to give the Woollen Mill a visit.  I wanted to do some reasearch on the project ‘Welsh Wool’ and I thought this would be a pr=erfect start before i started researching online, To go and vsiti an actual Mill myself and see the tradition of Wales.

Esgair Moel, is the mill i specifically wanted to go see. Its a Mill thats dated all the way back from the eighteenth century! specifically 1760! Ancient in my eyes, but still amazing. It was origiaonlly located in Powys but foloowing St Fagans, and the welsh culture being here, it was re-erected here at the Museum of Rural Life in 1952. It gives a real element of Welsh Hisotry it being at the museum. What I didnt know that It is still used to produce traditional shawls and blankets, on its machinery that dates from the mid 18th Century! amazing.

These Photos are taken from, an interesting blog to read :)!

The outside of the building, which i love, future house would be perfect if it looked like this!

Hope you enjoyed my read! Cerys xo


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A 19 year old Textile Design student studying in Cardiff! I decided to start up a blog as a diary for all things textile! Mostly inspiration and exhibitions I've been too. My favourite things are printing and having a big imagination!

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