Laura Ashley

Laura Ashley, the stem of my new project, my inspiration.

I wasnt even born when Laura Ashley was at the height of her success. Her sophostated decorationstyle was a massive hit in the 1980’s and everyone seemed to want a piece of her work in their home. Her fresh floral designs were something thats always going to be popular, but her designer style gave them a different feel than other floral designs.

I’m not sure how Laura Ashley’s company survived so many years recently in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, the floral style was a past trend and not many people adorned her work in their homes, it was more of the minimalist style hit was in style in the interiors.

Maybe it’s the style of her work which I think a lot of people think it’s aimed at an older generation, but the shabby vintage look is a massive hit now and it’s going to stick around for a while. So why is her floral design so popular? Is it because she was one of the first designers to do them and all these other designers are dupes of her? I personally think so.

I even get inspired by her work and try to put my own stamp on her creations and design something which I feel looks even remotely like hers I would be happy, as it’s such a great style too have and something which is going to be in style for many years to come.


The S/S 2013 is a beautiful collection. The neutral approach on the 1970’s esque chair is a simple approach to the bold wallpaper in the background. The floral effect on the wallpaper I think will be in great style this spring and I personally agree that it is going to be a massive hit in the interior world. I feel that there is a mix of eras in the interiors here, Which I feel is great because I have always liked too Mis-match 2 eras and create something which no one else has, it has more of an unique style.









Just a few images which I feel inspire me the most.

(These are not my images, If you dont want your image on this blog, ask and I will take it down)


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